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The purpose of the Finance Department is to ensure Wheeler County's finances are accurate, reliable and sound.  We strive to be good stewards of our public funds by making certain the financial transactions are well managed, recorded properly and in legal compliance. The Finance Department performs such functions as paying the County's bills, working with vendors to maintain vendor files and accurate payment history, prepare and distribute the annual budget, provide notary services, processes and manages payroll and benefits for approximately 32 employees, maintains computer personnel records, maintains payroll payable accounts and payments, manages the County's state and federal payroll tax payments, which includes quarterly and annual reporting and workers' compensation reporting. The Finance Department provides monthly expenditure reports to the County Court and County Department Heads. Furthermore, the Finance Department is responsible for working with the County's outside auditor and assists in coordinating the County's annual audit and preparation of financial documents related to the audit. The Finance Department works with the Department Heads and the Treasurer to ensure the accuracy of the County's financial records and budget documents.


Various financial documents are available using the links provided below.

Public Record Information

Oregon law provides that “every person has a right to inspect any public record of a public body in this state.” “Public body” includes cities and counties and other public entities. Although there are some exceptions, most records of a public body are available to the public for inspections. It is the intent of  Wheeler County to be responsive to requests for public records. All requests for public information regarding County employees and any records request where there is a question of possible exception are to be forwarded to County Counsel. Plese refer to ORS192.345 (4) for employment documents that are exempt.


Public Records Requests

Contact for more information:

Brenda Snow Potter

(541) 763-2374

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