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Campaign Finance

A candidate is not required to file a Statement of Organization for Candidate Committee, file campaign finance reports, or establish a campaign account if all three of the following conditions are met:

  • the candidate serves as the candidate's own treasurer;

  • the candidate does not have an existing candidate committee; and

  • the candidate does not expect to receive of spend more than $750 on campaigning for the entire election

However, if at any time the candidate exceeds $750 in either contributions or expenditures, the candidate must establish a campaign account and file a Statement of Organization within three (3) business days, by filing the following form with the Secretary of State's Office:

  • SEL220 Statement of Organization for Candidate Committee

Campaign finance filings are made through the Oregon Secretary of State Campaign Finance website OreStar

Additional manuals and guidelines can be found on the Secretary of State website. For questions, call (503) 986-1518

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